My 3 Top Spiritual Experiences

What had led people to the path of Krishna Consciousness?

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Sometimes people wonder: „How you guys came to the Krishna path? Did you have some extraordinary experiences that led you to some deeper spiritual understanding?“

In the following two videos you find the response to such kind of  questions. The first one is an interview between Chandrashekhara Dasa (Cyril Wohrer) and Paramshreya Dasa (Phillip Trier Rabe) where Paramshreya gives his progress report and in the second it is Chandra who reveals three reasons why he started walking on the Krishna bhakti path.

Chandra writes: „Here my old friend Philip (aka Paramshreya Dasa) discusses, in Nienburg (Germany), the three most powerful spiritual experiences that he had in regards to higher consciousness and his spiritual path. We talk about reincarnation, bhakti yoga, Krishna, and God.“

Paramshreya writes: „In this episode I have an interview with my good old friend Chandrashekhara Acharya Dasa (Cyril Wohrer). He reports of three experiences he had that brought him closer to the spiritual understanding of Krishna Consciousness. Check out Chandra’s YouTube channel: EASY BHAKTI, here is the link:

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